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Cars for Uber and Lyft drivers in Chicago area

Rent, Buy, Finance, Lease, Repair, Maintain and Insure with Chicago Car Center

Our comprehensive program takes care of most ownership expenses other than gas and liability insurance. Get no big expense surprises and get peace of mind!

Why Chicago Car Center?

Training: Get training on how to earn $20-30 per hour driving for Uber and Lyft.
  • • We only succeed if you succeed! Our Rideshare Manager provides personal and continuing RideShare Training for our customers. You’ll learn:
    • • how to optimize your income
    • • understand the available bonuses
    • • items to have in the car
    • • how to manage taxes and
    • • many other topics
  • • We are the only rental company or car dealership offering training to the rideshare drivers.
Rent: Rent in the beginning for as little as $199 per week.
  • • Renting an Uber/Lyft car can be a great way to try out whether ridesharing is for you.
  • • Renting gives you an option if you don’t want to make a longer term commitment and need a vehicle for only a short term.
  • • Renting gives you need time to save up for a down payment.
  • • Rentals start at $199 per week*
  • • What is better: Renting or owning my car?
Finance to Own: Finance your purchase. Own your car at the end of the term. Qualify even with little or no credit and no regular job.
  • • Very few banks and finance companies are willing to finance cars to Uber and Lyft drivers as they see it as commercial work.
  • • We are happy to finance you as we trust you will succeed as a driver. With our repair, maintenance and collateral insurance programs we trust that you should succeed, especially with our training.
  • • We understand that there may be limited or no credit history. We focus on understanding your individual situation and can be helpful in developing a structure that works as a way to get to driving.
Choose a late model, low mileage car that is ideal for Uber and Lyft drivers.
  • • We have a selection of cars that your customers like, that have good leg room and trunk space and have good gas mileage. We focus on late models of Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima, Nissan Rogue, Honda Accord and Volkswagen Jetta.
120,000 miles / 36 months Comprehensive Warranty coverage.
  • • Our goal is to keep you covered.
  • • Highest mileage contract available anywhere.
Roadside assistance included with our service contract.
150,000 miles / 3 years Comprehensive Maintenance coverage.Routine maintenance for most wear and tear items.
  • • Routine maintenance is the most important factor in keeping your car driving for a long time.
  • • Our maintenance program takes care of oil changes, tires, brake pads, drums and rotors, exhaust, air conditioning, belts, hoses, light bulbs, wiper blades and many other items.
Collateral Protection Insurance takes care of your personal collision/comprehensive insurance if you don’t get it elsewhere.
  • • Uber, Lyft and us require that you have personal liability insurance with a rideshare addendum. This is typically in-expensive as Uber and Lyft covers you from you accept a ride till you drop off the customers
  • • Uber and Lyft also provide some collision and comprehensive insurance, but with deductibles of $1,000 to $2,500.
  • • We require you to have collision and comprehensive insurance to cover repair or replacement of your car in case of an accident. If you don’t get insurance from a third party insurance company, we will put you on our Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) program, where you only have a $500 deductible.
GAP insurance takes care of paying off the loan if your car is totaled.
  • • GAP insurance takes care of any amounts still owed on your loan after receiving the proceeds from your collision / comprehensive insurance or our collateral protection insurance except your deductibles under those policies.
  • • As soon as it has been determined that the car is totaled, we will get you into another car. No need to wait for the insurance companies to pay us.
Reduce your loan payments if you are no longer a rideshare driver
  • • Some of you may get other income opportunities that work better with your schedule and earnings.
  • • We can restructure your loan installment contract to reduce your payment once you show us that you are not driving as many miles per month any longer

Contact us for details and to set an appointment.


Victor Fernandez, Rideshare Manager

Phone: 773-295-0093

Email: [email protected]

Victor will train Uber and Lyft drivers in the business. No one else offers this kind of personalized training to help you succeed.

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  • • Contact our Rideshare Manager to discuss your options. For example, you may want to delay signing up for both Uber and Lyft to maximize your sign-on bonuses.
  • • Use these links to sign up.
    • • Uber sign up(not available yet)
    • • Lyft sign up(not available yet)
    • • Disclosure: Yes, we get a referral fee when you use our links. We will teach you how to get your own referral fees.
  • • Contact our Rideshare Manager to understand the program offering and get the financing approved.
  • • Select a car.
  • • Get training from our Rideshare Manager. This will include links to some videos such as this video that introduces Uber driving.
  • • Once you are approved by Uber or Lyft, pick up your car and start earning money.
  • • Contact our Rideshare Manager to understand the program offering and get the financing approved.
  • • Get advice from our Rideshare Manager. Normally he can give you advice that will increase your income to pay for a portion of your payment.
  • • Select a car and leave with it.
  • • Since normal financing programs and service contracts exclude commercial uses of the purchased car, we can understand why Chicago Car Center is the best choice.
  • • Our program is currently tailored toward people where rideshare driving is their main source of income driving an average of 40,000 miles per year.
  • • If you are driving 20 – 30 hours per week during peak hours, our standard program should still be great for you.
  • • If you are only driving 5 – 20 hours per week to supplement your income and pay for nicer car, you will typically qualify for a standard financing contract and you will have a much wider selection of suitable cars.
  • • Yes, we don’t hurt your eligibility to earn all the new driver bonuses.
  • • Over time, we recommend that you be signed up with both programs
  • • We agree with the Rideshare Guy that you should start with Lyft and then add Uber later. This article explains why.
  • • We have a selection of cars that your customers like, that have good leg room and trunk space and have good gas mileage. We focus on Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima, Nissan Rogue, Honda Accord and Volkswagen Jetta.
  • • We typically require you pay at least $500 toward the sales tax, license and fees at the time of sale and may ask you pay the rest during the first few weeks.
  • • Down payments may be adjusted based on your credit and work history.
  • • Down payments and initial rental fees can be paid with cash or credit cards.
  • • Later payments will be set up as autopay from the same account where you get your Uber and Lyft payments deposited.
  • • You will typically pick up the car at one of other four dealership locations.
  • • Our only rental business is to serve Uber and Lyft drivers. Thus we will have as many vehicles available during peak periods as other times of the year. Hertz and Avis prefer to rent to regular customers during peak periods and you may not be able to renew your rental.
  • • You call our insurance company who will handle roadside assistance to get the vehicle to our service shop, so we can either repair the vehicle, or if totaled, get you into another car.
  • • The vehicle service contract is a comprehensive policy that covers all of these major components.
    • • ENGINE
    • • STEERING
    • • BRAKES
  • • The purchase price varies with the particular car and the payments varies with the purchase price, the down payment and the credit history.
  • • Contact our Rideshare Manager for details
  • • The maintenance contract covers all these components with no deductible:
    • • Oil changes (semi-synthetic) and fluid refills every 3,000 miles
    • • Air filters
    • • Tune-ups, spark plugs and wires, coils
    • • Belts and hoses
    • • Adjust ignition, transmission bands, belts or clutch system
    • • Tire replacements when 3/32 inch thread is left
    • • Tire rotations
    • • Shock absorbers
    • • Check tire pressure and replace TPS sensors
  • • BRAKES
    • • Brake pads, drums and rotors
    • • Exhaust system components, catalytic converter, emission control valves
    • • Batteries, battery cables
    • • Hybrid battery reconditioning and hybrid battery cells
    • • Heating and air conditioning components
    • • Refrigerant
    • • Diagnostic services related to covered components
    • • Wiper blades
    • • Fasteners (nut, bolts, clips, screws, etc.), fuses
    • • Light bulbs, sealed beams, headlamps, other than caused by impact
    • • Safety restraint system (including air bags) other than caused by impact